EAA AirVenture – July 26, 2016 – Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. (AEAC), the developer of the solar-electric “Sun Flyer” flight trainer, today announced that Euralair has signed deposit agreements for three additional solar-electric “Sun Flyer” aircraft. “Euralair is a well-known company in France,” said George Bye, CEO of AEAC. “Of particular note is Euralair’s CEO, Alexandre Couvelaire,

Denver, Colorado – July 20, 2016 – Dale J. Egan, Associate General Counsel within Emerson Electric’s mergers and acquisitions law group, has been named Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation (AEAC). AEAC is developing the 2-seat solar-electric “Sun Flyer” aircraft serving the flight training and general aviation markets. Previously,