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Sun Flyer Electric Flight Trainer

Established in February 2014, the Sun Flyer program for Bye Aerospace was created to produce the two seat “Sun Flyer” to be fully certified under the new FAR 23, and bring it to market. We intend to serve general aviation by providing a clean, renewable energy, electric training aircraft. As a privately-held Nevada Corporation, the company is headquartered near Denver, Colorado, at Bye Aerospace

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The Electric Sun Flyer is Designed to be an Ideal Trainer with the Compelling Economic Benefits of Electric Propulsion

The Sun Flyer, which is to be FAR 23 certified is powered by an electric propulsion system.  Six lithium ion batteries run the electric propulsion system, which directly drives the composite propeller. Engine performance is controlled by an electronic control unit which ensures optimal use of the energy stored in the batteries. The electric design features reduced cooling drag compared to a conventionally powered aircraft and nose frontal area is reduced due to a smaller motor size and cooling intake required. Propeller efficiency is improved due to the utilization of additional blade area when contrasted to an internal combustion engine aircraft.

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About Bye Aerospace

The management team includes Charlie Johnson, the former president of Cessna, the largest producer of aircraft in the world, and George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace and former leader of Javelin, as well as leaders from Cessna, Euralair, Mooney, Remos, Redbird Flight Simulations and Adam Aircraft. The company is outsourcing engineering, marketing, legal and administration in order to maximize efficiencies and capitalize on the complementary talent from Bye Aerospace.


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Headquartered at Centennial Airport in south metro area of Denver, Colorado.

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